Even More Bicycles on Clinton Street

If you’ve taken a ride down in the Clinton neighborhood in Portland lately, you might have noticed a few colorful additions to this well-known bicycle street. The Clinton Street Bike Boulevard/Neighborhood Greenway Enhancement Project has been in the works since 2008 and has an awfully big name for a wonderfully simple idea: embracing the street’s role as a major street for cyclists.

According to PortlandOnline, Clinton Street is one of Portland’s oldest and most well established bicycle boulevards, with as many as 1,800 bikes per day along most sections. The site also reports that despite traffic calming tools such as roundabouts, speed bumps and bike boxes, there is still a high amount of auto-traffic that cuts through the street. By adding visual elements to the street, the City of Portland hopes to bring attention to bicycles, making them a priority in this neighborhood and heightening bicycle awareness.

Portland Bureau of Transportation and the Regional Arts & Culture Council combined forces and worked with local artists Brian Borrello and Matt Cartwright to create artful elements that would clearly communicate the nature of the street. The initial elements installed along the street are bright bike corrals and bicycle silhouettes on street signs.

Colorful front halves of real bikes, known as bike flags and badges, are mounted to utility poles and proclaim the neighborhood name. All these elements have been designed to be easily replicable in hopes that this project will be expanded to other neighborhoods.

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