Students Seek Bike Friendly Hosts


AFS-USA is hoping to find bike-enthusiasts to host a few exchange students who love to ride bikes. Hosting a foreign exchange student is a great opportunity to learn about another culture and it’s a chance to become American ambassadors. The role of the host family is to incorporate the student into their family and have fun together. AFS USA Volunteers help with many aspects of hosting along the way.


AFS-USA’s mission is to work toward a more just and peaceful world by providing international and intercultural learning experiences. “In a world filled of misunderstandings and unknowns, this mission becomes more vital every day. It is impossible to ‘hate’ a country or religion when it has a name and a face,” they say. Students offer insight into their countries while here, and help share info about American when they return home.

AFS USA host families volunteer to host a student for 12 weeks to 10 months, and students arrive on August 10. Most will stay the full school year. Students come to America to be immersed in the culture and gain an understanding of a different culture. It is an intense intercultural educational experience for them. For the biking students, being in a bike-friendly family will make this experience more comfortable and rewarding.


Chananyakarn, or “Sincere” from Thailand
Sincere was inspired to study abroad by a Thai singer who was also an AFS participant. She cannot wait to learn more about America, a country she has always admired. Sincere has a close family, and her parents take the time to teach her many different things about life. Her interests are vast and varied. She enjoys collecting coins, bicycling, painting, playing games, taking pictures, and enjoying nature. She also likes various sports, such as badminton, basketball and bicycling. At her school, Sincere has an important role as leader of the classroom.

Jannes from Germany
Jannes’ friends call him a sports freak – he plays squash and soccer, and also loves to ride his bike on tours. He has a part time job as a babysitter to support his hobbies. Extremely responsible and independent, he is already very used to traveling but sees the opportunity to study abroad as unique, a chance to open doors and learn about new cultures. In the future, he hopes to become a sports coach.


For more information on how you can host these students, call at 503-419-9509 or visit the AFS website.

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