Explore Central Oregon by Bike

CLASSIC | September 7-14 – Central Oregon Cascades

When it comes time to decide how to spend your time off, don’t settle for the usual. Choose the extraordinary. 

Come September, Cycle Oregon is setting off on a not-to-be-missed ride through the geological wonderland that is Crater Lake and the Central Oregon Cascades. They’ve handpicked for the pedaling an unforgettable journey through lava-hewn landscapes, cascading river and ever-present peaks. You’ll ride through colorful communities that welcome visitors like family on your way to the legendary rim of Crater Lake – the sapphire jewel of Oregon’s only National Park.

Oregon is a stunningly diverse place when it comes to geology. Where else can you chart a few-hundred-mile loop that encompasses three of the country’s most scenic rivers, a stoic mountain range bedazzled with high country lakes, and a National Park whose crowning jewel is a crater filled with sapphire-blue water?

Central Oregon has it all – that’s what makes this year’s Classic such a unique opportunity. And it’s an opportunity not to be missed. Right up there with rafting the Grand Canyon or through-hiking the Appalachian Trail – this is the kind of experience that will forever be a part of you. 


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