Favorite Pedalpalooza Ride Description

The events of Pedalpalooza are diverse, but one aspect is pretty common across the calendar: simple, short descriptions. Some of the entries read like an exciting teaser, leaving the reader in hot anticipation of the event, but in most case they just don’t paint a complete picture of the event, or the event’s potential.

Perservere through the 251 event listings, however, and eventually you’ll stumble upon some gems. These wittily written, excitement-building listings describe wildly innovative and creative concepts which you may or may not care to attend.

It is with great reverence that we award the following listing with not only Best Written Description, but also Most Awesome Ride Concept.


Tuesday, June 12
New Old Lompoc, Northwest, 1616 Northwest 23rd Avenue
(It’s closed, but that’s the point.)

Come take a tour of Portland’s recently-closed bars, and join us in remembrance. We will provide opportunities for everyone to share their favorite memories at each stop. Is this where you met your boyfriend? Discovered your favorite microbrew? Found your stolen fixie? The ride will end at the hole-in-the-ground formerly known as the Candlelight Room, where we will hold a candlelight vigil. Candles provided. We’ll then honor the fallen bars somewhere that still serves beer.

If you don’t mind some late-night riding on a Tuesday, join host Adam Moore and his band of solemn cyclists on this reverent ride around Portland.

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