Fender Clearing Bounce

It’s the best trick you won’t find in any book.

This is the time of year when roads are filled with wet leaves. If your bike set up is like many people’s, your fenders hug closely to your wheel. This narrow space just loves to gather up dense clogs of leaves and mud that will rub against your tire.

You may be tempted to try to wiggle your finger into the narrow gap and pull out the grime, but don’t even bother!

Get Jiggy with the Bounce

This awesome technique requires no special tools, and you can even do it while waiting at a stop light.

Dismount or straddle your bike while on pavement. Hold your handlebars and raise them about 10 inches off the ground. Let go and allow your wheel to slam to the ground, but grab control of the bike right away so it doesn’t fall over.

Watch large chunks of junk drop out of your fenders.

Spin your wheel to check for rubbing and repeat the drop until the area is clear. Do the same on the rear wheel if necessary.

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