Finding Balance: Ride Time With Life Time

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We all know how it is. In an ideal world, you’d ride your bike to work, to run errands, for an intense ride on Saturdays then for a relaxing ride on Sundays. But, seriously, who has time for all of that?

Life: Work, family, friends and all the other interests that make us well rounded, interesting people. It tends to cut into our ride time. You’re a healthier person when you’re riding, and your life is more interesting when you foster your non-bike activities and relationships with friends and family.

So just how do you find that balance?

While there isn’t a magic formula, a few basic practices will help you find that balance.

1. Carve out time

Your ride time is your health time. It’s so good for your mindset, your body, for thinking through dilemmas and breathing in the (hopefully) fresh air. Make time for this. It’s important. The rest of your life will be easier, finding that balance will be easier, when you’re in a good mindset and of healthy body.

2. Be present

When you’re having family time, truly be present with your family. Engage actively. Put down your device. Make the most of that time, so that when you’re off on your bike you won’t fee like you’re leaving the family behind. Your family connections are stronger when you’re healthy.

3. What can you eliminate?

Maybe something needs to go. Maybe something can go. What can you cut out of your schedule? What’s unnecessary? Where can you free up some time.

4. Integrate your activities

It’s not always easy, but when it works ride, it’s golden. Headed out of town with the family? Maybe you can get a head start and leave on your bike, then have the fam pick you up along the way. Headed out on a long ride with friends who can’t slog through 60 miles? Maybe you can clock your 30 before you meet up with them. Or drop them at the bar at mile 30 then loop around for some additional miles.

Look for supported events with multiple distance options where you can all meet up at the finish line. The Weekender, by Cycle Oregon, is a great opportunity for this. The route distances vary and it’s a full weekend away so you can all spend time together at night and enjoy your vacation together.

5. Rock the combo trip

If you need to run errands, get to work, get across town, etc., combine this with a bike ride. It’s not always as rewarding as hitting the road on your superfastandlight bike without panniers or gear, but it’s still a fantastic way to clock some miles and get outside.

6. How do you find the balance?

How do you balance your ride time with life time? Share your ideas below.

WEEKENDER a ride by Cycle Oregon, is July 7-9, 2017. Bring your friends. Bring your neighbors. Bring your family. Bring your bikes. Everyone is welcome for Cycle Oregon’s two-day bike bash! Linfield College campus is home base for a weekend of great rides, live tunes, and activities galore. Choose from a short, medium or long route through wine country, then camp under the stars or crash in the dorms. It’s two-wheeled fun for everyone!

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