Five Finger Love

These warm days have us thinking all about gloves.

No, really. Gloves.

Those of you who are hot-blooded with skin of steel, this article isn’t for you. It’s for the rest of us. The ones who can have an entire adventure easily ruined by cold fingers. The poor-blood-flow friends-think-we’re-whimps people. I’m one of them, I know how it is. On a super cold ride, I’ve got the warmest gloves possible on my fingers.

But that’s the thing – fat gloves pretty much suck in terms of dexterity and comfort. I’ll do what it takes to stay warm on extreme days, but what about the cool mornings of spring when something lighter is required?

Share your tips

We want to year from you – from real riders who have put their gear through the wringer, rockin’ it day and and day out for a full season (or three) and found gear that’s worth the investment.

What are your favorite personal glove configurations? How do you keep your fingers both warm and dry?

What is your favorite glove for the extreme temperatures and rain that sometimes descend upon the Pacific Northwest?

And how about on warmer days with rain?

4 thoughts on “Five Finger Love”

  1. I’m eager to hear people’s suggestions as I struggle with gloves and MAN they are not cheap so I don’t want to buy the wrong thing. I’ve been eyeing a few styles that are $60+ which to me is an investment.

    And I’m one of those cold finger people, too.

  2. I like to wear a thin glove under a waterproof shell. I have thicker woolies for winter and thinner stretchy gloves (you know that $1 a pair kind) for lighter weather. This year, not much rain to deal with, though. I have a Pearl Izumi shell that works perfectly.

  3. Oh and for really cold and rainy, I am still at a loss and have not yet found my perfect glove.

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