Fresh Fruit Season is Ripe for Cyclists

Fresh fruit season is at its best right now, and that’s good news for cyclists. Fresh fruit can be a beneficial boosting food during a ride or recovery food after a long ride, so make sure your shopping includes a stop to the local farmers market or produce section of your grocer to pick up some of the best fresh fruits.

Blueberries are packed with anthocyanidin, which reduced inflammation. They’re also loaded with bone boosting vitamins A and K and are well known as an antioxidant. Locally we’re at the tail end of Blueberry season, but you can usually find these plump treats year round.

You’ve probably seen watermelon on a lot of rides this summer, and rightly so. Behind all the water of this refreshing summer treat is lycopene, which protects the skin from UV, and vitamin A which aids muscles in delivering power. It is also one of the best food sources of vitamin C, important for maintaining cartilage and join flexibility, with a serving containing about a third of the daily dose.

The seeds of berries like blackberries deliver a good dose of fiber, making them a beneficial mid-meal snack to help suppress hunger.

While it’s well known that bananas can be a cramping cyclist’s best friend for their high levels of potassium, peaches – which are about to come into season locally – also contain a fair dose of potassium. Munch on these sweet treats before and during your ride to refuel on electrolytes and keep your muscles limber and your taste buds tantalized. Strawberries and cantaloupe are also excellent choices with similar benefits.

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