Fundraising for a Ride

So you’ve signed up to participate in a bike ride for an incredible cause that has a fundraising requirement (or suggestion). How do go you from $0 to $1,000 without opening our own wallet? It’s surprisingly simple.

We could fill page and pages with fundraising tips, but here are some of our favorites that are easy and comfortable.

  • USE SOCIAL MEDIA – Through Twitter (quick, casual), Facebook (more info, link to the website, showcase photos), Linked In (professional, showcase your integrity), Instagram (fun, visual).
  • BE PROUD TO ASK! – How cool you are, riding your bike a bunch of miles and supporting an impressive cause. Wow! Most people just sit on the couch and watch sitcoms. Karma points for you!
  • ASK WITH DIRECT LANGUAGE – Don’t beat around the bush. If you don’t ask, they won’t know to give. “Please donate to my ride today and support the XXX Organization and their good work.
  • INCLUDE A PHOTO – Of you on your bike. People like you. They like to look at you. They think it’s cool you ride your bike.
  • SEND A REMINDER – Let’s face it, people are busy. They want to give, but they’ll forget. They will appreciate the reminder of the opportunity to support you.
  • THIS IS PERSONAL – Do you have a connection to the cause? Tell people. “I’m asking for your support today. Dad died from XXX and I’m riding so others won’t suffer as he did. Together, we can put an end to XXX.” Over-the-top? Maybe. Motivating? Indeed.
  • VIDEO – YES! – Ride your bike, even around the block. Talk for 1 minute, maybe 1:30. NO MORE. Tell people why you like to ride your bike, that you’re raising funds for XXX organization, and how they can donate. End. Post to YouTube or Vimeo (cooler, cleaner). Tweet and Facebook it out. GET IT OUT THERE. Love social media? Instagram a 15 second video, use Vine, or whatever platform you love.
  • UPDATE PEOPLE – People love milestones, goals and helping people get there. It’s satisfying. Donors want to know others are helping, too. Everyone loves to watch the numbers go up. “Just got in a $200 donation! I’m now up to $800 with only $200 to go. If four of you give $25 right now, I’m there. This is so exciting. Thanks everyone!
  • MAKE IT EASY TO DONATE – Link to your online fundraising page or wherever people need to donate. Bring a donation collection sheet around the office. Don’t make them find you, put the donation options at their finger tips.

Have fun with your fundraising. Make it a competition with friends and enjoy the process. Don’t forget to thank your donors afterwards with a friendly email, maybe even including a victorious photo of you at the finish line.

The first year is the hardest, and it gets easier each year. Check out what two impressive Reach the Beach top fundraisers have to say (click here).

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