Gear Tips

This article is presented by the Harvest Century, widely recognized as the last supported ride of the Oregon cycling calendar. This beloved ride is every September in Oregon.

Too often our gear becomes a burden. The cost, storage and maintenance of gear can be quite a hassle. Here are our tips for making sense of it all so you can spend more time riding your bike all year long, and less time worrying about your “stuff.”

Storage Tips

  • KEEP IT ACCESSIBLE – tuck away what you won’t need this season. Keep the rest at your fingertips for easy access.
  • CREATE A ZONE – make it easy to hang up wet gear and dump dirty stuff into a laundry basket. An absorbent and washable rug under your coat hooks makes it easier to hang up drippy rain gear. If your bike is stored inside the house, protect your wall and put a thick towel under the wheels in rainy months.
  • WHAT DO YOU GRAB EVERY DAY? – Keep lights, lock and helmet in an easy spot, such a small shelf next to your bike or a depository bin right near by. What else do you need on a regular basis? Find a way to make this super easy to grab.

Maintenance of Gear

  • WASH WITH CARE – infrequently launder your gear with gentle detergents and line dry whenever possible to preserve the integrity of the fabric.
  • SEASONALLY ASSESS YOUR GEAR – sit down to review everything. What can be repaired? What should be replaced? Get that taken care of in the off season so when the torrential downpours or bright sun hit, you’ve got the gear you need.

Invest in Your Gear

  • QUALITY GEAR IS WORTH IT – high price tags can mean special features, durability, aesthetics or all of the above. Investing in quality gear means a more comfortable ride and less frequent gear replacement, plus the reliability that comes with knowing your gear is going to be able to hold on long rides or for an aggressive training regime.
  • KEEP A LIST – know what gear you want and keep a running list. Hunt for sales and tell your friends what you’re in the market for so they can keep an eye out while they’re also seeking treasures and bargains.
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