Handmade Bicycle Show

Have you ever wondered why someone would invest in a custom bike when there are so many mass-produced bikes already on the market? It’s not necessarily about what you see at a glance – spend time with a bike builder and you’ll understand this customized, intimate process is about truly knowing your bike and absolutely loving the ride.

The Oregon Handmade Bicycle Show, hosted by the Oregon Bicycle Constructors Association, draws together some of the area’s most creative custom bicycle frame builders. This year the show returns to the popular Sandbox Studio in NE Portland, a close-in location with plenty of natural lighting and an open floor plan perfect for spending quality time with the bikes, and their builders.

Oregon is widely credited with having the largest number of independent frame builders in the nation with more than half of its builders in the greater Portland vicinity. From high-end, ultralight racing bikes to the utility cargo bikes that are becoming ever more popular, the show offers a lot to see and explore. Builders are eager to discuss their craft with visitors, offering a rare glimpse into their detailed process.


We’re perhaps most excited to check out Kinn Bikes in person. Read our review of their “mid-tail” bike here.
We got a sneak peek at the show. Check out a brief snapshot here.


September 28-29
Saturday 10:00am-5:00pm
Sunday 11:00am – 4:00pm
Sandbox Studio
420 NE 9th Ave, in Portland


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