Happy Kid in a Bike Trailer

Fostering the Next Generation

You’re a bike fanatic who now has kids. How do you ensure your kid will love biking as much as you do? After all, you’ve got a biker’s duty to raise the next generation of cyclists.

  • Keep it fun and easy. Snacks en route go a long way.
  • Consult with other parents. There are plenty of enthusiastic cycling families in Oregon.
  • Plan ahead, be over prepared and have an exit strategy if things just aren’t working out.
  • When it comes time for the little one to break out on her own, try a scoot bike (no pedals), which is a natural way to learn to balance.
  • Stay in control and ride on low-traffic streets. Model safe cycling behavior at all times.
  • Maintain a great attitude and your new riding buddy will lear to, also.
  • Check our rides like Kidical Mass, which offer a chance for families to ride together.
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