Hot Weather – Big Fun

The weather this past week was amazing – that hot, sultry weather we dream of in the summer time. In the Portland area, where temps crept up toward the triple digits, bikers crept around the city, burdened by the heat but happy to be on two wheels in the sunshine.

I cruised along the Springwater Corridor and spotted a group of bikers who ditched the trail and head to the water for a dip, perhaps on their way home from work.

It is extremely exciting to see people cooling off in the Willamette River, which up until a couple of years ago wasn’t regarded as safe for swimming. The EPA has declared the levels fine for swimming, and groups like Willamette Riverkeeper are working hard to make the river more accessible. Why not? It’s RIGHT THERE!

How are you staying cool on these hot days?

Thanks to our friends at Showers Pass for the photo.

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