Monitoring your heart rate is an effective way to improve your cycling performance and have a better understanding of your body’s exertion. But wearing the strap around your torso that communicates with the external device is cumbersome and often uncomfortable, especially in the heat of summer.

The MIO company worked to create a better solution, and the result is the world’s first continuous heart rate monitor watch without a chest strap. They invented the technology (and patented it) based largely on a concept similar to the finger pulsometers used in hospital settings. All you need to wear is a wristband, which uses two LED light beams and an electro-optical cell on the underside to measure the volume of blood in your wrist (blood profusion), as opposed to the EKG technology used by standard heart rate monitors.


MIO’s Alpha hear rate monitor has an internal accelerometer to compensate for motion and provide an accurate reading. The energy-efficient Bluetooth Smart wireless transmitter works with exercise apps on iPhone 4 and 5 to combine heart rate info with speed, GPS, distance and pace. Compatible include Strava, Endomondo, Wahoo Fitness, MapMyRide, miCoach and iBike.

Coming soon, the company plans to offer online tools to track your readings and and analyze your personal data so you can the most out of your rides.


The MIO Alpha is available at various shops at REI.





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