The Acouztic by Xceon is listed on the promotional brochure as both ACOUSTIC and Acouztic, which is the sort of discrepancy that has us wondering about the lasting quality of the product, but the concept is fun enough that we’re still going to tell you about it.

This clever little device has a a surprisingly strong 100 lumen LED light, attaches to your bike and amplifies music toward the rider. You simply load up some MP3s and get ready to rock out while you ride, in a manner much safer and more social than earbuds. The Acouztic features 70 hours of play time with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

The sound quality is good, not too tinny, and rather loud. Xceon purports a waterproof full-range speaker.

Summer’s over, but this device would be an excellent compliment to your pub-bound evening rides.


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