#INTERBIKE REPORT: Tasty Hydration

Nuun makes a great hydration tablet, but a major aspect of that has nothing to do with the performance aspect of their product. Even the company reps here at Interbike are quick to admit that. They stand behind the quality and benefits of their hydration but what really sets them apart? Taste.

I used to be a hydration product hater. As a relatively natural eater, I just couldn’t stomach the taste of most hydration products. So it was with welcome relief that I discovered Nuun some 8 years ago or so at Mt. Bike Oregon.

Just last week I endured the heat and miles of Eastern Oregon on Cycle Oregon, my trusty stainless steel bottle filled with Nuun-dosed water. It did the trick. I felt great every day.

Nuun comes in a small plastic container with tablets you can break apart depending on your water bottle size and preferred dosing. Most supported rides provide electrolytes, but you don’t always know what brand it will be. Nuun makes it convenient to pack your own.

Nuun also comes in smaller single serve packs that were developed specifically for CVS Pharmacies and will probably start to show up more broadly soon, but for price and convenience both the cylinder is the way to go.

And yes, if you’re not already using stainless and you care at all about taste (not to mention all the issues with plastics), don’t fret about the cost or the weight – go stainless. You can get a sipping-style cap to simulate your moldy plastic bottle or use a screw on.

Hydrate, hydrate! It’s not just Bout preventing heat exhaustion; drinking ample fluids is good for your muscles and reduces post-ride soreness. To learn more, read our Hydration Station or other recent articles.


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