It’s True, You Can Be a Superhero

Portland Sunday Parkways says that their “Superheroes” are the most important volunteers at the monthly event, helping neighbors who live directly on the route. The city closes down the streets (or opens them up, depending on how you want to look at it) and packs in thousands of people. To make this event work for everyone, Sunday Parkways brings in superheroes to help neighbors drive safely to and from their houses, and to help direct drivers in other areas of the event.

This is a fun and relatively easy position. Superheroes are ambassadors to the neighborhood as they patrol and look for any neighbors who might need assistance. They escort cars, often making small talk as they do so at a very slow pace, and get to know the neighbors.

What’s it like to be stressed about getting home with your big SUV when you forgot it was Sunday Parkways? Well, it could be maddeningly frustrating, but with the help of Superheroes, it generally goes a-okay.

You could call the the peace-keepers, ambassadors, or simply those friendly people out there. Whichever way you look at it, the Superheroes certainly have a very important role to play, and those of us who love Sunday Parkways are grateful for their awesome work out there.

Sounds like fun right? Well, Sunday Parkways is looking for more people to help for this season. They are especially hoping more women will join the team so there is a nice balance out there on the road.


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