Joyride Cycling Tips for Women: Biking to Work

To get you prepared for this summer’s Joyride, a women’s event from Cycle Oregon, we’re providing a series of cycling tips for a more comfortable ride.

We all know the feeling: You’re motivated to ride your bike to work, a date or a meeting but as your appointment nears, you begin to think that driving just might be easier.

Biking is such a great way to travel to your important meeting or workday as it allows you to clear your head, get some fresh air and get your heart rate up. You’ll be more confident and vibrant when you arrive, giving you just the advantage you need to nail it.

Here are our tips for setting yourself up for success with biking to an important meeting.

1) Plan your route.

Know exactly what route you’re going to take and how long it will take. If you haven’t ridden this route before, give yourself a 15 minute buffer to be on the safe side.

2) Build in an extra 20 minutes.

You need an extra 5 minutes to pack up and get out the door, than 15 minutes to compose yourself when you arrive. You might not need that long, but it’s much better to have extra time and not be rushed, flushed and frazzled.

3) Ride slowly (or don’t).

If you don’t want to be sweaty when you arrive, ride slowly and more calmly to preserve your outfit. But if you’re going to change when you arrive, then go all out and ride however you like to ride.

4) Plan your outfit accordingly.

Can you bike in a skirt and heels? Heck yes. You might need to give yourself a little more time, that’s all. You may not be as efficient, but you’ll be ready to go when you arrive.
So long as you can swing your leg over the saddle and pump your knees up as you pedal, you can wear just about anything when you ride your bike. Ensure your skirt won’t get caught in the wheel or chain and that it has enough weight to it that it won’t flutter up in the wind and expose your undies.

5) Have everything ready to go.

It’s surprising how long it can take to round up your helmet, lights, lock, gloves, bag and then air the tires. Get all of this taken care of well in advance so you can head out the door more smoothly.

6) Hair.

Whatever. Helmets don’t smash hairdos as much as people think they do. Style your hair so that it’s not perfectly in a specific position and you should be fine. You might need to opt for a simpler do for the day, and that’s okay. Remove your helmet, fluff your hair, and carry on. You’ve go this.

7) Pack it up.

When you arrive to your destination, pack your gear away, freshen up in the restroom, relax. With everything nicely tucked away you can feel organized, confident, healthy and proud after your awesome ride.

p.s. these tips all apply to men, as well!

Joyride on June 11 is a brand new women’s event from the ride experts at Cycle Oregon. This one-day event features routes from 16-60 miles that start and finish at Soller Vineyards, a gorgeous estate setting in Dundee Hills of Dayton, Oregon.


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