Joyride Cycling Tips for Women: Chamois Fit

To get you prepared for this summer’s Joyride, a women’s event from Cycle Oregon, we’re providing a series of cycling tips for a more comfortable ride.

Some people get all squeamish when talking about chamois, that little bit of padded fabric that goes between your legs for a comfier ride. But if you’re riding a distance ride, a chamois is par for the course so we say it’s worth discussing.

1) Skip the undies.

A chamois is made to be worn directly against your skin as it’s specifically fabricated to breath and avoid chaffing. You don’t want to interfere with the chamois’ ability to do it’s job well.

2) Choose your length.

Some people love shorty short chamois, others like them long. Choose what works best for you. If you like the feeling of a shorter chamois but not the look of something so short, you can always wear something over your chamois, like a riding skirt or shorts. The drawback to ultra short chamois is that your inner thigh may rub against the saddle, causing chaffing.

3) Choose your look.

Some people have no qualms about walking around all day in a chamois, others think it looks ridiculous. The reality is that in a sea of bikers at an organized ride, the vast majority of butts around you will be wearing just a chamois short. But if you don’t like that look, it’s easy enough to disguise it. Choose a sport skirt that won’t get caught up on your saddle or a relaxed pair of shorts.

Or, heck, rock some jean shorts. It’s really up to you. So long as your apparel is comfortable enough that it doesn’t interfere with your ride. you’re good to go in whatever you want to wear.

Photo by Liv

Joyride on June 11 is a brand new women’s event from the ride experts at Cycle Oregon. This one-day event features routes from 16-60 miles that start and finish at Soller Vineyards, a gorgeous estate setting in Dundee Hills of Dayton, Oregon.


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