#KeepRiding Profile: Lindsay Kandra

How do you stay warm and dry on your bike all winter long? The #KeepRiding concept aims to answer that riddle though videos, rider profiles, tips and photo shoots in partnership with Nutcase Helmets and Filmed by Bike.

We’ve been running a series of articles here and our video series will launch shortly. We also took some great photos along the way.

Introducing Lindsay.

She’s a yoga instructor, rock climber, attorney, racer, daily bike commuter and a huge Blazers fan. Lindasy says that when she’s riding to work, it’s all about efficient clothing and she can always change at work. But when it’s going out time, you’re likely to see her sporting more casual attire. And when she heads to a game, she’s always got her Blazers jacket on. The material is perfect for a light rain and her matching red boots, hat and gloves mean she’s team pride from head to toe.

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