#KeepRiding: The Buddy System

This is an excellent year to try your hand at riding a bike through the winter. The weather has been rather mild in most parts of the state and the rains have not yet started in earnest. So hop on your bike and crank out a few miles while it’s somewhat pleasant outside.

But once that rain starts up, it can be rather hard to stay motivated to ride. That’s why we’re offering our #KeepRiding series: articles here on ORbike.com and tips on Twitter.

In this edition, we discuss the Buddy System.

The Buddy System

Say you decide to hammer out a 30-miler this weekend. You accidentally stay out later than expected on Friday, and on Saturday morning it’s raining. You’re a little tired, you haven’t pulled out your gear and quite frankly you’re not really even sure where those waterproof gloves landed last.

Chances are, you’re going to skip that ride. That means it’s time for the Buddy System.

You can make excuses to not ride all you want when it’s just you, but once you have someone else involved, it’s a lot harder to just cancel the ride. So sign up for a riding date with your buddies. This Saturday. Next Tuesday. Schedule it, remind each other, and don’t let each other flake out – rain or shine.

Talk to Your Coworkers

Talk to your coworkers about riding into work this winter. Though they’re not relying on you to arrive by bike, simply having the discussion can help motivate you to ride. And if you’re boasting to your coworkers that you’re going to ride your bike to work this winter, chances are good you’ll want to follow through on that declaration. Sure, there might be a little bit of guilt coming into play here, too, but whatever, it works. And who knows, you mights even discover a new riding buddy in the process.

You Can Do It

#KeepRiding. You can do it. ORbike is here for you.

What Are Your Tricks?

What are your tips and tricks to stay on your bike all winter long? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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