It’s not about the doping?

Lance Armstrong has ended his crusade against doping charges. What should we take away from all of this?

There is no denying that the legacy Lance leaves us has many positive aspects. Many people who confront cancer, death from cancer or that of their loved ones have more strength because of the work of Lance Armstrong and the Livestrong foundation. How effective is the Foundation? In terms of the first sentence, extremely impactful. Does the Foundation do much for cancer research? According to Outside Magazine, the answer is no.

Lance Armstrong’s fame and attention brought bike racing more to the mainstream of sports in America. More people started racing and many more people started to watch and appreciate the sport.

Lance Armstrong was a strong racer, there is no denying that. He is also a strong figure that brought awareness to cancer issues and how to fight against cancer with with gusto.

We need to move on beyond “Lance Armstrong doped” and focus on keeping the sport of bike racing a clean sport with integrity we can be proud of, not one that’s known for being tainted with doping scandals.

Bike racing has always been a unique sport for the camaraderie among competitors. There is competition, like any other sport, but at the end of the day competitors tend to support each other. That’s what our sport should be remembered for.

What do you take away from all of this?

2 thoughts on “It’s not about the doping?”

  1. I am so sick of all this. Sick and tired. Can we get back to racing, please? I like to watch the racing and just as people were staring to get into it now there is this whole doping issue. I guess Baseball had it too. Anyway, stop doping!

  2. I am amazed that people keep coming out with this “Hey! big fat revealation! Livstrong does not contribute that much to cancer research!” Folks – get a grip! Cancer research is NOT the only need for cancer victims. If you are diagnosed, just how much help do you think research is going to do for you?

    None! Livestrong exists to help those stricken with cancer. They encourage, they help people get 2nd opinions, they help people fight. They do, in fact contribute heavily to programs and centers that treat cancer.

    Lance, the guy who always kept fighting, quit fighting the doping charges. Did he dope? I suppose so – that has been the tradition in the past in pro cycling. Did he use prohibited substances? Hard to say, but the test didn’t find it, so he was more likely involved in blood harvesting and reuse. Was the USADA going to give LA a fair shake? No way.

    So, as far as pro racing goes, my take away is, I hope the sport gets clean. Cheating makes me sad.

    As far as Lance goes, I am sad if he cheated. But i still support Livestrong. It is the real deal, and no amount of pointing out that it is not cancer research takes away the encouragement and financial support that the LAF has provided to cancer survivors, nor does it reduce the number of those diagnosed with cancer who have stiffened up and fought for their lives because they were inspired by LA and the great staff at LiveStrong.

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