Lance Armstrong has ended his crusade against doping charges. What should we take away from all of this?

There is no denying that the legacy Lance leaves us has many positive aspects. Many people who confront cancer, death from cancer or that of their loved ones have more strength because of the work of Lance Armstrong and the Livestrong foundation. How effective is the Foundation? In terms of the first sentence, extremely impactful. Does the Foundation do much for cancer research? According to Outside Magazine, the answer is no.

Lance Armstrong’s fame and attention brought bike racing more to the mainstream of sports in America. More people started racing and many more people started to watch and appreciate the sport.

Lance Armstrong was a strong racer, there is no denying that. He is also a strong figure that brought awareness to cancer issues and how to fight against cancer with with gusto.

We need to move on beyond “Lance Armstrong doped” and focus on keeping the sport of bike racing a clean sport with integrity we can be proud of, not one that’s known for being tainted with doping scandals.

Bike racing has always been a unique sport for the camaraderie among competitors. There is competition, like any other sport, but at the end of the day competitors tend to support each other. That’s what our sport should be remembered for.

What do you take away from all of this?