Leaving the car behind

What would it be like to say adios to your car and to fully embrace a cycling lifestyle?

Bike Love is a documentary exploring one woman’s transition from a motorist to a cyclist. Kara Minnehan, the subject of the documentary and the lead producer, has come a long way since last December. In less than a year, she sold her car, explored bike-commuting firsthand, and put in motion a project that already engages more than three hundred local supporters.

All of Kara’s ups and downs over the past ten months – her challenges, growth, introduction to Portland’s cycling community and even moving cross-town by bike – have been caught on film, and now it’s time to bring her story to life.

To bring this project to reality, Bike Love hopes to raise $29,000 in less than 30 days through Kickstarter. Funds will cover production costs, event costs and distribution of the film.



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