Let the River Guide You: The Vineyard Tour

THE VINEYARD TOUR | September 1 – Roseburg

The locals are letting us in on their secrets 

For many years, Umpqua Velo Cycling Club has known they live and ride in a magical place as they pedal the hushed roads alongside the rushing river. And for many years, they’ve been some of the only people to discover the beauty of cycling this region.

Until now.

Welcome to The Vineyard Tour, an opportunity to explore the hidden gem roads of the Umpqua Valley with local experts to lead the tour. These well-sculpted routes are true Oregon treasures.

A Wild and Scenic River

The striking Umpqua River is known for its rocky outcroppings, copious waterfalls and pristine tranquility. Much of the course snakes along the river as you meander your way through this special region of Oregon.

Our busy lives, the onslaught of media and devices at the ready can be overwhelming, more exhausting than we realize. The river draws you elsewhere – into a wold of nature, relaxation and true serenity.


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