Lighten Up, Costumes are Fun

Lycra helps you go fast, so do streamlined cleats, an excellent diet and tons of training. But is that fun? People sometimes call it that, but I don’t think it is. It’s something positive, but more akin to “rewarding” than “fun” It can even be “enjoyable” or “exhilarating,” but fun just isn’t the right word.

So if you’re looking for good old fashioned bike fun, look no further than the costume. Pedalpalooza has taken over Portland and Vancouver with 251+ creative bike rides and activities.

Read through our selection of top pics with commentary and you’ll know we’re big fans of thoroughly indulging in the ride’s theme. And yes, that means donning a costume. Don’t be shy. We guarantee you won’t be the only one out there in wacky attire.

Tips for biking in costume

  • Make sure you can see out the head piece. This is especially important for nighttime rides.
  • Capes flutter in the wind and look rad-tastically dramatic. Highly recommended.
  • Wear your wig OVER your helmet – it’s hilarious that way and much more noticeable.
  • If your get-up is complex, test ride around the block. You do want to enjoy the ride and your costume shouldn’t take away from that experience, it should add to it.
  • Plan ahead, give yourself extra time to complete your costume, mount your steed and casually pedal to the meeting point. Costumery nearly always causes delays so start early.
  • Bring your camera and take pictures. When you’re having a grouchy day, browse the collection and sink back into your goofy ride.

Bee photo by Tubulocity from the Worst Day of the Year Ride 2012.
Robot photo by Revolbike from the Rocky Butte Sunset ride of Pedalpalooza 2012.

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