Make Smart Biking Choices in 2013

The new year. Ahhhh! What a time to embrace change and embark on new paths. If those new directions relate to your biking life, move forward with confidence.

Be an educated consumer

Do a little research before you buy, and before you even go into a shop. Don’t let the word research scare you, it can be as simple as asking your biking friends or putting the word out via social media. Gear, bike and training options are all very personal, so keep that in mind as you listen to friends’ advice. Armed with even a little knowledge you will get much more out of your shop experience.

Keep it local

Do you need a new rain jacket? A better bike? A new training routing? A new event to participate in? Local options abound. Oregon’s many bike shops are overwhelmingly friendly and staffed by knowledgeable people. Supporting them is good for our bike economy. There are a growing number of bike events, trainers, places to ride and resources to help you stay on your bike in 2013.

Have fun!

Maybe you’re planning to do more on your bike this year, and you want a carrying device that’s stylish and practical. Options abound (we are in love with Bates Crates). You want a new bike that’s speedy, but not the same one your buddy has? No problem. You want to ride more often, but you don’t like traffic. If you want to have your cake and eat it to, you can. Oregon is the land of bicycle dreamers; get creative and have fun with your biking challenges this year.

The more we seek out innovative options, the more companies will innovate for us. Bicycle products are evolving to meet the modern biker. And if you don’t like bumble bee yellow rain jackets or 10-speeds, you know what I’m talking about.

Happy New Year, from all of us at ORbike. Here’s to wonderful bicycle adventures in the new year.

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