New, Flatter Courses on Petal Pedal

We love the Petal Pedal ride (June 14) for so many reason: entire fields of flowers are in full bloom, the courses are really accessible to all endurance levels (even brand new riders), you might go miles without seeing a single car pass you by and the finish line is in the most gorgeous setting of The Oregon Garden.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Petal Pedal’s new unique, petal-patterned course allows you to customize your route, both before and during your ride. Three “petals” extend in different directions into the scenic Willamette Valley, each returning to the Silverton center before heading out again. Riders can choose to pedal each of the petals or any other combination.

Explore the Pedals

The first petal climbs 3,000 feet over 36 miles to include the majestic Silver Falls. The second petal covers 48 miles with 1,800 ft. gain through rolling hills, patchwork quilt views and tiny townships. The third stretches out with 30 miles over a luxuriously flat valley floor, comprised of farms, hazelnut orchards and fields absolutely carpeted with bright blooming flowers. Oh, and don’t even try to count the llamas.

Whichever course you plan to ride, you will encounter several opportunities to reevaluate. Feeling strong on this gorgeous day? Add another petal of 20 miles. Hear the call of the beer? We don’t blame you – this way to the finish line. After each petal, you decide whether those legs love you, or love you not…

A Unique Ride Concept

What a great idea for a ride (so many options!) and a gorgeous setting. After a long, grey winter, get your fix of bright colors and the lovely floral scent of the Silverton region on Petal Pedal, a ride that is simply not to be missed.

Ride Basics

Saturday, June 14
100, 71, 48, or 30 miles with plenty of combos along the way
Breakfast, lunch, snacks and a gourmet dinner.


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