New Routes for Arthritis Bike Classic

The Arthritis Bike Classic (Septenber 16-22) is one of the best rides in Oregon – an opportunity to make new friends while riding your bike fully supported for days on end.

Due to wildfires raging all across the state, many rides have been canceled or have had to re-route. Arthritis Bike Classic was no exception. The annual supported ride decided to shift inland from their traditional coastal routes so riders could explore the Willamette Valley, but they are now back to the coast.

And with the cool substitute routes and activities they have planned, we’re sure no one is going to be complaining.

“Fortunately, we were able to move the first few days to the Coast and fill in the ride with some magical locations and extracurricular events,” says Ride Director Daniella Crowder of Oregon Rides. “A ton of last minute things took place to make this happen and we are thrilled with the outcome!”

New Routes

The ride begins at Spirit Mountain Casino and follows back country roads and quiet winding routes to the coast, then heads south to Otter Rock for a wonderful night camping on the lawns of the Otter Crest Inn – looking directly out onto the Pacific Ocean. Dinner that night is at the Flying Dutchman Winery where riders will have the opportunity to bottle their own wine with an Arthritis Bike Classic 2017 label.

The next day features the epic roads of Lincoln County as the ride snakes along the Yaquina and Siletz Rivers and riders spend the night at Moonshine Park.

After this lovely coastal cruise, the Arthritis Bike Classic will sneak along the isolated back country roads of Logsden, Nashville and Summit on the way to Corvallis.

The rest of the ride remains the same, with gorgeous Willamette Valley riding and a finish at Hagg Lake.


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