Oregon Outback

We caught this great write up on the Oregon Outback by Daniel Sharp of Benedicto:

“I think I was nervous about the Outback. I didn’t sleep well for an entire week leading up to it. My mind was wound up with to-do lists and what-if scenarios. I had managed some good hard 60 to 70 mile road rides, but hadn’t done much fully loaded. What about the Bay Area Ridge Trail? That was 300 miles in 3 days, but that was six months ago and we packed light. What if I implode on day one? etc. etc. The Amtrak from Portland to Klamath Falls was brilliant. All the staff were super cool and accommodating. Turns out I didn’t even need to box my bike, since they added another baggage car. It was a real treat just to be able to kick back and see the state beyond the I-5 corridor. Misty cliffs and trees as far as the eye could see rose above the tracks. It was fantastic to not have to deal with car traffic to start this adventure. We gathered on the platform excitedly, eyed each others rigs, asking about itineraries, pretending we were cool.”


Photo by Daniel Sharp

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