Oregon Scenic Bikeways Survey

This year at Filmed by Bike, Travel Oregon unveiled a wealth of short movies about the Oregon Scenic Bikeways, designated, signed routes where you can explore gorgeous regions of Oregon. The films helped inspire many people to get out on their bikes.

Have you ridden an Oregon Scenic Bikeway? Want to make cycling in Oregon even better? Now you can help!

Complete this survey today!

Oregon is the first state in the nation with Scenic Bikeways and this survey will help Travel Oregon better understand:

· What the economic impacts of the Bikeways are to Oregon
· How we can help make Oregon an even better place to ride
· More about the bicycle traveler in Oregon; and
· Provide valuable data for our partners and networks to utilize.

Travel Oregon is hoping to get feedback from from people who have ridden on a scenic bikeway or who have interest in exploring the bikeways in 2014. The answers you supply will be kept strictly confidential and be used for statistical purposes only. The survey takes approximately seven minutes and will help Travel Oregon improve the Oregon cycling experience.

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