Oregon Triple Crown

Things are winding down for the Oregon Triple Crown with just one last event in the race series, the Oregon Coast Gravel Epic on September 24 out of Waldport.

We love this Oregon bike race series for the grandeur it presents: the challenge, the camaraderie, the very few who will actually complete the series and the glory bestowed upon the winners.

But we also love it nearly as much for the individual events within the series, which are as much about soaking in the scenery as they are about completing a race. In fact, two of them are fondos, and fondos are all about fun. This all-inclusive race format has no categories (unless you’re vying for the Crown) and a mass start. Everyone is welcome, and really timing and standings only matter to those who are feeling competitive. The rest can simply ride hard, rub elbows with racing elite, and feel like champs in their own ways for the day. All while pedaling through some of Oregon’s most gorgeous scenery.

But do the racers even notice that scenery? That’s a question we posed toMisha Scovill and Thomas Hainisch. The two are both top contenders, winners from last year coming back to defend their honor. You can read more about them in our profiles on these two amazing racers.

The Oregon Coast Gravel Epic is going to be a great day! We recommend you head on out to race or simply to watch. It’ll be a fantastic day to be on the Oregon Coast. And we can’t wait to see who comes out on top for the Oregon Triple Crown!

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