Part Gravel, Part Pavement, All Awesome!

BARREL TO KEG | July 17 – Philomath to Newport

This brand new ride is a chance to ride from Philomath to Newport on backcountry roads that snake through tiny hamlets on a course that few have ever traveled. The first 44 miles traverse a gravel wonderland with lush trees towering
overhead and world so quiet you’ll quickly leave behind the hustle and bustle of the city.

You’ll explore the Corvallis Wetland Wild Animal Refuge and encounter the Yaquina River when it’s just a trickle of a creek, then follow the twists and turns of the river as it swells into striking Yaquina Bay in Newport on the Oregon

The ride is 67 gorgeous miles with some early climbs then a nice smooth downhill cruise for the final 49 miles. There is plenty to see and do in Newport, so plan to make a weekend of it and enjoy a coastal getaway.



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