#INTERBIKE REPORT: 80 Years of Pashley Style

Pashley bikes are lovely city bikes perfectly suited for someone who wants an upright joy ride through the the streets. But for as well designed and fashionable as the bikes are, they’re nothing new. Pashley has been around for 80 years.

Company representative Adrian Williams, a stately Brit, says that they’ve been coming to Interbike for years, but most people didn’t give them the time of day until recently. He says the big bike companies would practically pat Pashley representatives on the head saying, “keep doing that cutesy little bike thing you’re doing.”

Other people “ooo” and “ahh” at the “innovative fresh design” or the “cool retro style” but there’s really nothing new about these timeless classics, Williams explains. “It’s the same old thing we’ve been doing for 80 years. Minor tweaks, but the same bike.”

That’s not to say the bike is old, outdated or boring. On the contrary; the Pashley is an excellent bike for someone looking for a comfortable upright ride that’s a bit of a head turner with classic, well-made style.






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