Pick a Ride (any ride)

Selecting a supported ride can be an overwhelming task. There’s only so much time in the non-rainy season to squeeze in Oregon adventures, house projects, yard work and supported rides. Choose wisely and you’ll fall in love with riding all over again.

But where do you begin? Since 2005, ORbike has been promoting cycling in Oregon by promoting organized rides, so we’ve got a few ideas for you.

Find your next bike ride with these tips.

  1. Use the ORbike calendar to search events. Don’t see your favorite rides there? Let the ride organizers know. We’re a statewide calendar and our goal is to house as many rides as possible.
  2. Check the date – ensure it’s a weekend where you have plenty of time to enjoy the ride.
  3. What’s the route? It’s cool to go where you know and love, but a ride in an area you don’t know is a great excuse to explore.
  4. Are your friends free? It helps to have others along for the day – it’s more fun that way.
  5. Can you find the info you need on the website? If so, that’s a good sign the event is well run. Choose well-run events for the best experience. After all, this is like a mini-vacation – albeit a working vacation – and you want it to go smoothly.
  6. What are the route choices? Ensure there’s a distance or terrain option you like. Climbing? Gravel? Dirt? Flats?
  7. What’s included? A lot of people want an all-inclusive day, others are more independent and are inclined to bring their own snacks anyway.
  8. How long has the ride been around? New rides are exciting and fresh… but the long-established rides of Oregon can be really fun for their traditions and camaraderie.
  9. How do you choose a ride?

    Share your tips in the comments below.

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