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2016 was an incredible year for bike rides in our region! We saw the advent of several really new and important rides, including:

Columbia Century Challenge – riding in a region where no other supported rides go, and it includes gravel!
Barrel to Keg – a cool ride to the coast on a lot of gravel.
Joy Ride – a new women’s ride from Cycle Oregon.
101 on the 101 – a chance to ride through the mist and thundering surf of the Oregon Coast.

What Were Your Favorites?

Did you ride any supported rides this year? What were your faves?

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Other Rides

Don’t see your favorite listed above? Add it in the comments below and we’ll count your vote!


  • Paid rides
  • Supported
  • Non-competitive
  • Has a distance option of more than 20 miles
  • Offers regularly stationed rest stops and a finish line celebration
  • Is located in the Oregon region – a start location Oregonians can reasonably drive to.

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