Post Ride Sleep Guide

Guest Post by Michael of Blog on Dirt

As a fellow bike rider, I understand the importance of sleeping on a comfortable mattress. If you’re a cyclist, it’s one of the factors that lead to proper growth and development of muscles. Nowadays, many athletes are trying to get their hands on different food supplements for better muscle growth. What they don’t know is that sleeping on a modern mattress can also help too!

I recently came across the best products on Try Mattress review and realized that most of us are not sleeping on the best type of mattress for recovery. For bike riders, you need something that gives your back enough support throughout the night and to promote a sound sleep. We do our best recovery when we’re in a deep sleep and our bodies are fully relaxed.

So, here are my best models for all cyclists.


Bear Mattresses

These fantastic models have Celliant technology which increases the flow of oxygenated blood in cyclists. Although it’s commonly found in materials such as sheets and clothing, it still performs the same functions when used in a mattress. I even found that a majority of people consider Celliant technology to be quite beneficial when it comes to recovery of sleep.

Other than just using the latest technologies, these mattresses are also very cozy. Of course, you would expect nothing less from a company with extensive experience in the bed industry.


Lull Mattresses

These are highly ranked mattresses that combine both latex and memory foam materials. They offer additional comfort and support and a spring effect because of the latex material. I love them because they allow you to toss and turn effortlessly.

I should also point out that Lull doesn’t have materials specific for athletes like the Bear Mattresses. However, I’ve decided to include it in this list because of its affordable cost and fantastic feel. Also, because of my large muscle mass, I love using the Lull mattresses because they come with some additional comfort!



Here is another excellent mattress with Celliant technology. Currently, I feel that their fantastic memory foam material is the most suitable option for many cyclists. Of course, the main reason here is its comfort. Keep in mind that enough support during the night is a crucial part of a cyclist’s life. Furthermore, it keeps your spine correctly aligned despite your sleeping position. If you get this incredible model, your muscles can finally relax and concentrate on recovery.


The PerformaSleep Mattresses

PerformaSleep is an excellent mattress for all cyclists and athletes in general. It uses technology that combines three different layers of foam. Together, they relax muscles and boost recovery. Also, unlike other mattresses on this list, PerformaSleep has a CopperCool gel that not only supports your joints and back but also gives you consistent temperature throughout the night.

From doing further research, I also discovered that it’s perfect for different body types. It doesn’t matter if you’re a cyclist with high muscle mass or fat. Here, the Enersorb and CopperCool layers offer just the right kind of rigidity and comfort needed for deep and uninterrupted sleep every night!



Just by going through these awesome types of mattresses, you’ve taken the vital step towards sleep recovery. I’ve found that a good number of cyclists have trouble sleeping because the beds that they are using are just not good enough. Luckily, by using any of these products, you’ll have said ‘goodbye’ to those sleepless nights. Which type of mattress do you think suits you best?


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