Gorgeous Gear Profile: Walnut Studiolo

Industrial-era developments have thankfully taken away some life’s hardships, but in our fast fashion world, we have forgotten the quality produced by handcraft and traditional mediums such as leather and wood. Walnut Studiolo retools the romance of old world craft for the modern lifestyle.

Architect Geoffrey Franklin was looking for a solution. He had fallen in love with bike commuting and savored every element of the ride. He wanted a way to carry his U-Lock on his bicycle, but Geoffrey was a believer in William Morris’ quote, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

Inspired by images of the old world bicycles from the golden age of cycling, the light capturing the joy on their faces as they roll through the streets; the sepia shadows show their grit and resilience, and their long-wearing, highly-sheened equipment, peppered with beauty and style, Geoff sought to bring back the materials and accessories of the golden age onto the modern bicycle.

The results is Walnut Studiolo, a small workshop where Geoff creates fine heritage leather goods by hand. His gorgeous leather handlebar grips, leather u-lock holsters and travel cribbage board have developed a cult following by cyclists dedicated to stylish goods made to last.

The holidays are coming up, and Walnut makes it easy to shop for the bikers in your life with their innovative, gorgeous designs.

Pictured: Bullwhip Four-Braid Bar Wraps, one of five leather bar wrap options from Walnut Studiolo. View them all >>


Photo Gallery

Photos by Walnut Studiolo, Cinestas and Path Less Pedaled

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