Reasons Bikes Are the Future

As cities become more crowded, riding a bike is becoming one of the fastest ways to get around town. You get to avoid all the traffic jams. Even though cars are so fancy there is always of a new BMW this or a Mercedes that on the news, yet are getting serious competition by the two-wheeled option.

One of the main reasons why people choose cycling over driving is that cyclists always make it through the traffic jams and saves money for entertainment such as online pokies, movies, dining out etc. Bikes can squeeze through even the tightest corners in the road, making it easy for a cyclist to go through a traffic jam with relative safety. Be able to maneuver means being late for work because of a traffic jam is a thing of the past.

Cycling also provides an amazing view of the city. What better way to see the city than when cycling through it. When going through the city a cyclist sees the city in a new way. The feel of the wind in your face is also so relaxing. Unlike that air con in the car that just can’t give the right amount of protection to the environment.

Cycling is also healthy. It beats most of those machines in the gym. All those minutes with feet on the pedals give an excellent cardio exercise. If feeling like going to the gym, just go cycling, it works as an exercise in itself. And it is way cheaper than any gym subscription will ever be.

Talking of cheap, a bicycle is way more affordable than most cars out there. The most expensive car, the Mercedes-Benz May Bach is $8 million U.S dollars, which is more than turnover of some online gambling companies. But the most expensive bicycle, the Butterfly Trek Madone, was auctioned off for an impressive $500,000.

The easiest way to get a parking spot in a busy city is by getting a bicycle or a motorbike. Not even in the city only but any place actually. There is always that provision that allows for a cyclist to park their bicycles. And am sure no one has ever come across a fully parked cyclist parking area. That’s just so rare.


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