REVIEW: BeetleBag

We’re huge fans of using the right bag for the ride, and if that means having a ton of bags in the gear closet, so be it. One bag to do it all is only an option if you don’t mind carrying a big waterproof bag around all the time, which we certainly don’t. That’s why we’re fond of the BettleBag, a lightweight summertime option for fun in the sun adventures.

The BeetleBag easily loops over your frame for quick installation on the bike with simple Velcro straps. You can mount the bag even if you don’t have a rack, though you could certainly secure it to a rack, too.

The bag has simple straps so you can carry it as a backpack once you get off the bike. It also features a mesh pocket in the center that works well as a water bottle holder.

Our one disappointment with this bag is the loud jangle of the zipper pulls as they bounce around in transport. Perhaps the manufacturer will consider dampening them with rubber or some other solution in future releases of this bag.

The base color of the bag is a dapper heather-like grey which gives it a cool look common with outdoor gear these days. You can select from four detailing colors: forest green, coral red, charcoal black or ocean blue.

Okay, but here’s where we think you just might love the BeetleBag. You know all those trips when you want to go far, want to go fast, want to go light, but also want to be able to slip out of your bike shoes and into your sandals when you arrive to your destination? The BeetleBag is just about the perfect solution. Add to the mix your swim apparel, a lightweight towel and a book – cause it’s beach time in Oregon!

Disclosure of Material Connection: ORbike received this BeetleBag for free as coordinated by Outdoor PR in consideration for review publication.

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