REVIEW: Fenix BC21R Bike Light

Selecting a light for your bike isn’t easy. There are plenty of options out there, and it can be exhausting to wade through all the options. We tested out the Fenix BC21R. It would be cooler if it had a better name we could easily remember, but in all other ways this light performed very nicely.

The BC21R has side red lights for increased visibility, particularly helpful when being approached from the side.

At 880 lumens, the light is plenty bright to both keep you safe and illuminate the area in front of you as you travel at night. At the brightest setting, it will last for an hour and 20 minutes, long enough to get you home. Easily recharge the battery with a micro USB cable (included). We like that the light has a battery life indicator with three levels of battery life recorded so you know how far you can push the light before you need to recharge.

The Fenix comes with a universal mounting strap that can readily be transferred from bike to bike. Sometimes these straps are frustrating because with daily use they can wear down over time and eventually snap. The Fenix helps solve this problem by making it possible to remove the light from the strap, meaning you don’t have to be tugging on the strap every time you remove your light. From what we could tell in our several months of testing, the strap seemed sturdy and should hold up well over time.

Some lights are all too easy to accidentally turn on. The Fenix doesn’t have this design flaw, the power button is easy to press but not too easy. This makes it a no-brainer to always pack your lights. The light is also very waterproof. It’s got a rating of IPX-6, which basically means you can get it very wet and so long as it is not fully submerged in water it should stay water tight. Heavy splashing and rain should be no problem for this burly little light.

The Fenix is aluminum, which we liked because all too often we drop plastic lights and they crack, but this light felt more durable. Extra weight? No problem, we’re not weight weenies around here.

Sure, the days have gotten longer, but they’ve also gotten more fun. If you’re out on a Pedalpalooza ride, remember to always pack your lights. You never know who you might meet and where the day may take you.

You can find out more about Fenix bicycle lights and make purchases on their website.

Disclosure of Material Connection: ORbike received this Fenix bike light for free as coordinated by Outdoor PR in consideration for review publication.

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