Ride for Two Rivers

Some people call it meditation. We call it McKenzie Pass.

Every once in a while it’s good to ride your bike somewhere that makes you feel worlds away from the daily grind, a place where you can relax into your surroundings and fully take some time to yourself. One of the best places to escape is right here in Oregon: McKenzie Pass. Due to extreme snowfall along the steep, narrow, winding pass it is only open a few months out of the year, and one of those months is reserved especially for bikers and hikers.

Ride for Two Rivers on June 7 is an opportunity to ride McKenzie Pass while it’s still car free. The gorgeous ride features a full weekend of fun, a hot springs rest stop, a must-see summit stop at the observatory for striking mountain views and the opportunity to say you crested the pass. McKenzie Pass is steep, but it’s a slow-and-steady-conquers-the-pass kind of a climb. Sink into your saddle and keep spinning – the climb is so worth it.

McKenzie Pass is covered in a foreboding charcoal black lava rock and only sparsely of dotted by trees; it is a truly otherworldly experience quite like no other.

Ride for Two Rivers is a fundraiser for the National Forest Foundation. The ride includes support every pedal stroke of the way and an entire weekend of activities, so plan to spend some time in Sisters enjoying the season.

Ride Basics

Saturday, June 7
18 and 77 mile route options
Only $30 if you register before May 30.

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