RIDE NEWS: Wildfires and Riding

Wildfires are burning all throughout our region. At one point, 44% of all US fires and 50% of all firefighters were in Oregon. With the recent blaze in the Columbia River Gorge, this number has likely increased.

No matter where you live in the region, chances are you are affected by the fires that are burning.

Air Quality

Air quality is an issue for many parts of the state. It is not recommended that you exert yourself in such conditions. As much as you might be eager to clock those miles, now is not the time to be out riding your bike all day.

If you must ride your bike, wear a particulate filtering mask,. They’re inexpensive and easy to purchase at any hardware store. Plan to swap out your mask every two days if you have a long commute. There are many types on the market. We like this handy guide to safe masks and what to buy.

Tracking Air Quality With an App

You can track the air quality in many ways. WeatherBug is the app we recommend. You’ll be able to see a smoke overlay on maps and easily determine the severity, then re-route your weekend riding plans if necessary.

The app is robust, but be sure to disallow bluetooth and close the app when not using it – otherwise your battery will drain in ho time.

If you’d rather check on your computer, we like the site Real Time Air Quality Index.

Ride Updates

Unfortunately some rides have been canceled due to the fires, but others have decided to proceed.

Vineyard Tour – Umpqua Valley – Canceled
Cycle Oregon – Central Oregon – Canceled
Ride the Rim – Crater Lake – Not canceled
Arthritis Bike Classic – Willamette Valley – Not canceled but there will be some route adjustments
Harvest Century – Washington County – Not canceled
Oregon 12/24 – Bend – Postponed until October 14/15
Cascading Rivers Ride – Estacada – Canceled
Jensie Gran Fondo – Marin County – Not canceled

As far as we know, all other rides are proceeding as planned. If you have additional information not listed here, please share it with us.

Stay Up to Date

  1. Check the ride website and contact the organizers
  2. We’ll keep this post updated as info becomes available
  3. Follow us on Twitter

Stay Safe

When in doubt, stay inside and stay safe. As much as we’re all eager to squeeze in a few last rides before winter is here, your long term health is much more important.

Watch the Video

The Columbia River Gorge ablaze.

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