Rider Profile: Pete Staylor

Pete Staylor is no stranger to riding the Arthritis Bike Classic, but last year was the first time he rode in Oregon. Pete says he’s been loving this event since 2002 when he began riding the San Francisco to LA version, which is 525 miles in eight days.

The avid cyclists is a healthcare textile distributor by day who lives in Riverside, California – but dreams of moving to Bend.

A Lovely Ride

Pete says he loves pedaling through the Oregon countryside. “It’s really amazingly beautiful out there.”

This year’s ride is a new course, and Pete says he’s really looking forward to that. “I think this is more of a scenic route and I can’t wait to ride on it!” he says. “If you’re riding, stop and take in the beauty of the Oregon scenery often and take a lot of pictures.”

Riding for the Double-Double Cause

More than 20 years ago, Pete was diagnosed with osteoarthritis. Years of playing basketball and leading an active life had caused major damage to his knees. In 2014 he had a double knee replacement, then went on to ride the Arthritis Bike Classic. This was a huge challenge for Pete, but one he readily embraced. The organizers provided a lot of support, and the challenge motivated him to succeed.

We guessing the gorgeous scenery probably helped a little, too!

A Friendly Ride

“I have made a lot of friends out on the road while participating in Arthritis Bike Classics,” says Pete. “The Oregon folks are very friendly and supportive. And then of course there is the challenge aspect that helps keep me riding – I like that.” Pete also says he’s very much looking forward to reconnecting with his ABC friends – those fantastic riders he met on previous rides but hasn’t seen since. Once-a-year friends, if you will.

A Supportive Ride

“The beauty of the ABC-O is that if by chance you don’t feel like riding at any given time the support staff will move you forward in one of the support vans. The other thing is that if you follow the training manual supplied by the Arthritis Foundation you will be ready to conquer all 6 days in the saddle no problem.” So the support is definitely there, Pete says, which is what makes the challenge so fun and scenic.

Pete says he can’t emphasize enough how supportive the ride organizers are, “The support staff is absolutely stellar with regards to taking care of all of the riders’ needs.”

Thinking of Riding?

This will be a memorable experience! Don’t miss it.


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