Riding Cargo Bikes in Sunny Florida

Don’t hate us.

We’re not braving the Pacific Northwest rain right now. We’re in sunny Sarasota, Florida, cruising past palm trees with Martin and Bethany, happy owners of a Metrofiets cargo bike (made in Portland).

Martin has the only cargo bike in Sarasota, and heads definitely turn as we cruise around the city and along beachfront paths with Katie the Wonder Dog riding shotgun. Or maybe they’re just staring at Martin’s Santa hat….

Martin loves to ride around with his dog in the cargo bike, so he had Metrofiets make a custom box with a doggie door to help Katie jump in and out.

To all of you enduring the rains, helmets off to you! Way to go!

We thought we’d share a little dose of sunshine – perhaps the vitamin D will soak through your computer screen.

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Dogs on Bikes – Watch the Video

Or, rather, Dogs IN Bikes. This clever doggie door makes it easy for Katie to pop in and out of the Metrofiets cargo bike.

Do You Ride a Cargo Bike?

Are you a cargo bike rider? What was it like when you first got your bike?

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