San Francisco Treat in Portland

Length: 13 Steep Miles

This ride is a short little adventure. You’ll love the roads that are immediately available to you in Washington Park, directly from the heart of the city. This ride simulates a San Francisco adventure with 1,476 feet of elevation gain
throughout the ride. It is best ridden when the pavement is not slick – so be mindful of the conditions before you plan to head out.

Rounding the reservoirs, you’ll end up on Kingston Dr. Climbing in the park starts out rather steep but does ease up later on. Negotiate your way along Fairview Blvd and top out at Skyline Blvd and eventually into Pittock Acres Park and
past the Pittock Mansion.

Upon leaving Pittock Acres Park the ride simulates the narrow and twisty streets of San Francisco, some as narrow as an alley, with their precariously placed homes teetering on steep drop offs with spectacular views. After that, it’s a
downhill cruise back into the city.

This issue’s route is from
Rubber to the Road
. View the
route and directions here.

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