Savor Those Sweet Summer Rides

This article series is presented by the Harvest Century on September 27

We hate to say it, but if we’re not careful, summer will be over before we know it.

That’s why we’re huge advocates of thoughtfully savoring our sweet summer rides.

Signing up for a supported ride is a big deal and being out there for the physical challenge of the day is utterly rewarding. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement, physical exertion, ride logistics and other aspects that come up during a big event. When you’re so distracted, you can miss out on the true beauty of the experience

That’s why we’ve put together some tips for savoring the moment on your summer rides.

1. Plan ahead

We know how it is. You PLANNED to plan ahead, but then life got in the way. Really? Life? Doesn’t it ALWAYS get in the way? Make this the summer that you don’t let work and life hassles distract you from preparing for your ride.

Early in the week before your ride, stay up a little later or forgo TV watching and other distractions. Spend that time prepping for your ride. Lay out your gear, check your bike and make sure you know where you’re headed on the morning of the ride. These small preparations can go a long way toward making you feel more relaxed on the morning of the ride.

2. Take a moment to relax and look around you.

Sure, the scenery is stunning, but we think start lines and finish line parties are pretty magic, too. Before you head out and upon your return, take a moment to look around you. It’s a sea of fellow bike lovers who are probably as excited as you are to be there. They, like you, worked hard for it. These are your people.

We also like to take in the setting. Some start/finishes are more scenic than others. The Harvest Century takes place in the heart of Downtown Hillsboro – we think that’s pretty cool. The Survival Century takes place at the fairgrounds in teeny tiny Tulelake, California, just outside of Klamath Falls. We love the contracts of a sea of riders with these settings.

3. Meet other riders

Yeah, like it or not – this is your tribe! We wear funny tight clothes, put a bowl on our heads and pedal for miles on end. Your fellow supported event riders understand your passion. Get to know them. You’ll be surprised how awesome most of them are – and you might even make a new riding (or drinking) buddy out of the lot!

4. Stop for the views and photos

It’s easy to get caught up in the momentum of a personal record or getting to the finish line by a certain time, but don’t do that at the expense of missing some of scenic viewpoints! After all, the charm of riding a gorgeous ride is sinking into the landscape and truly experiencing the scenery. Take the time to do that, and take some pictures while you’re at it!

5. Get to know the ride supporters

Not all ride organizers will have the time to talk with you during the event, but the volunteers likely will. Take the time to thank and get to know the people who are making the ride happen. It’s an awesome way to remember more about the ride. Plus, knowing the people behind the event is a cool way to understand more about the grand adventure you’re a part of.

The Harvest Century closes off the riding season with a huge celebration and ride on September 24 in Hillsboro. MORE INFO >

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