Seven Feathers Casino Resort: Not Your Average Biking Holiday

Every once in a while we need an extra incentive to motivate us to get out into undesirable weather conditions and stay healthy on our bikes. When busy life gets in the way, it can be difficult to maintain an active lifestyle. That’s why an alternative vacation at a resort with ample activities can be a cool option for the entire family. Choose the right place an you can still get in your bike rides.

Here in Oregon there are a lot of great places to ride but venturing to an altogether different destination can be a thrilling way to mix up the pace. Seven Feathers Casino Resort, located just off I-5 in Canyonville (south of Roseburg) is ranked in the “Top 20 of Pacific Northwest Properties,” and offers a diverse array of amenities that cater to people who enjoy engaging in a myriad of different activities on their vacations; there is a little something for everyone.

Top of the list of amenities is definitely the Canyon Creek forest, situated right alongside the resort with plenty of trails ride. Seven Features also features a the fitness center, Olympic-size swimming pool, spa, cabaret shows and a “Nevada-style gaming atmosphere.”

Seven Feather’ History

Originally just a simple casino, Seven Feathers began to offer a more varied array of entertainment in the late 90’s when InterCasino hit the scene and land-based casinos had to find alternative sources of revenue. Seven Feathers utilized its surrounding environment, and restructured to offer visitors the chance to be at one with nature. Since then the resort has catered to families not just the ardent gaming enthusiasts looking for their Oregon-alternative to Las Vegas.

The resort now offers trips to local golf clubs as part of their day packages, as well as trips to nearby museums, river excursions, Wild Safari days, trips to local wineries and a tour of historical inns. Check out the many excursions offered here.

An enjoyable vacation

Blending a day of adrenaline-fuelled riding with the relaxation options available at a resort is an excellent way to spend your vacation. The surrounding area Seven Feathers is idyllic and has garnered much praise for being an ideal place to relax.

Have you Been?

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