Sign the Petition

Northwest Trail Alliance is urging the Portland City Council to “catch up with the overflowing demand for off-road cycling opportunities.” They recently put up a petition on the website and are encouraging cyclists of all types to sign.

Portland is a world class bike city in so many ways. For most people, it’s easy-as-pie to try riding to work, the grocery or a friend’s house. Plenty of safe route options exist. The cultural activities are through the roof. Bike shops with fair pricing, ample stock and knowledgeable staff abound. The City consistently works to make the roads safer. Impressive numbers of people ride over the bridges every day.

Things are really, really good.

If you want to ride on the road.

Off road riders are an important aspect of the bicycle family, and they deserve access to bike infrastructure as well. And if we’re going to be a world class bike city, they shouldn’t have to drive to their ride.


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