Spinlister: A New Way to Test Ride

Spinlister is making it easier than every to ride a bike wherever you are. With their bike sharing service, you can rent a bike from anyone who lists their bike with Spinlister.

It’s the new sharing economy, with services like Airbnb (entire homes, accessory units, a room or, in some cases, a couch), Getaround (personal car sharing) and Uber (personal cars as taxis) providing an alternative to fully commercialized services, often at a discounted rate.

How it works

So, say you’re going to San Francisco for the weekend. You may not want to bring your bike. And you may not find a bike you like at a rental place. But you can browse Spinlister for a bike that suits your needs. You can filter your search by location and bike style. Prices vary as they’re set by the bike owners.

You can list your bikes on Spinlister. We heard about a bike enthusiast living near the Springwater Corridor, a popular off-road cycling path in Portland, who is funding his new bike purchase with the amount of rental revenue he’s bringing in. Spinlister provides generous insurance should anything go awry along the way.

Take it for a test ride

And, here’s where it gets better. Say you’re looking to buy a new bike. You just might find what you’re looking for on Spinlister. Test riding for an extended period of time is going to give you a better feel for the bike than simply a short shop test ride. This is a cool option if you’re looking to try a style that’s completely new to you, such as a cargo bike.

Don’t get weirded out

The sharing economy is here to stay. When people hear about these concepts, their first reaction often includes fear-based thinking about what could go wrong. The masterminds behind these companies have already thought through those scenarios and have put safe guards in place. For the most part. Stinky people still exist, but for the most part so long as the users are good people, you’ll have a good experience.

What do you think?

Have you used Spinlister? What do you think of the service and how do you use it? Share your ideas in the comments below. Do you use another bike sharing service? Are you into the sharing economy concept?

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