Sunday Parkways

It’s time to hit the streets on Portland Sunday Parkways, the street opening phenomena that’s sweeping the world. Cities all over the world look to Portland for how to open streets for a day of actively exploring the city as Portland was one of the first and most successful cities to do so.

The first event of 2014 takes place on May 11 in East Portland (one of the CycloFemme rides will connect into Sunday Parkways). Sunday Parkways is an easy, relaxing ride, one that’s best enjoyed with friends and family at a leisurely pace. Bring mom out for Mother’s Day!

We’ll be out there snapping pics. Follow us on Instagram: ORbike #SundayParkways.

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Parkways”

  1. I hadn’t seen this video yet. I like it. I think having Sunday Parkways is an important part of our community. They are friendly events and everyone is in a good mood. Portland needs that.

  2. Greg Anderson

    Our little bunch is all ready to go – Mom, 2 yr old, 4 yr old and 9 yr old. The 4 yr old is now on a scoot bike so we might not go too far, or we might bring the trailer for him and the bike. Our 9 yr old loved Sunday Parkways last year. It’s a highlight of our Portland Life (moved here from LA in 2011) to be sure.

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